Automated windows hash grabbing.

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I was playing around with ophcrack this week which is included in the katana suit. I’d recommend looking into both of these if you’re never heard of them, anyway, ophcrack has a live boot cd that boots directly into a LM and NTLM password cracker, dumps the hashes from the local machine and starts cracking with some rainbow tables.

It works fairly well but could be a lot better, for one the live distro they use is real bloated considering all it does is crack passwords, secondly they could have made saving the results a lot easier. The only thing I found real novel was dumping the hashes automatically, for your enjoyment here’s a bash script that goes through all NTFS drives and tries to dump the hashes 🙂

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Network topology plotting with bash and graphviz.

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I was looking for a way to map the routing between me and a bunch of hosts in Linux but couldn’t find a program I liked. The nice thing about Linux though is the ease that you can put something together with other tools. Here’s a simple bash script that parses tcptraceroute output and graphs it using graphviz, enjoy.

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Strange router behaviour.

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I recently started getting proxy error messages while browsing, interesting thing is that I’m not using a proxy and as far as I knew my ISP wasn’t forcing an invisible proxy on us either. Continue reading ‘Strange router behaviour.’

Boiling chips in tree sap.

•2010/07/15 • 6 Comments

I saw a CCC talk a while back about reverse engineering IC’s (link, recording), it sounded fairly complicated for a hobbyist but I thought I’d give it a try. All I was hoping for was to get some decent pictures and didn’t really care about reversing the design. Continue reading ‘Boiling chips in tree sap.’

Student ID magstripe disected.

•2010/03/20 • 4 Comments

Screenshot of Bus Pirate magstripe script in action.

In an earlier post I got a cheap mag stripe reader working with the bus pirate and started dumping some cards. Continue reading ‘Student ID magstripe disected.’

Magstripe reverse engineering using the Bus Pirate

•2010/02/19 • 2 Comments

I recently got a hold of a magstripe reader someone threw out, the problem was that I couldn’t find any info on the unit, opening it up I found a serial number that was in the range of other readers but no specifics.

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Getting GTK+ working with glade and devc++

•2009/12/10 • 3 Comments


GTK+ turns out to be remarkably simple to use but getting it set up for devc++ was giving me some problems so I’ll give a brief tutorial.

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